TIGER for Estimating Basis
TIGER for Estimating Basis (TIGER EB) is a computer program that can help estimate
the basis by estimating the value of the trees in a woodland at the time of
 Basis is often used to reduce the taxes to be paid from income from timber
harvests, but of course, you need to consult your tax advisor about estimating your basis.

TIGER for Estimating Basis works by taking an inventory of the current condition of the
woodland and growing the trees "backwards" to the time of purchase of the woodland.  The
program uses the same growth models as TIGER for Woodlands and Compartments, ones
developed by the US Forest Service.

Tentative price is $100 if downloaded from web site; $110 on a CD. You will need to buy
TIGER for Woodlands and Compartments to create the data files that this program reads.  

From this page
you can walk through the program by clicking "View Basis" in the menu to
the left.  

There is no special information about the states for estimating basis.  The  information about
each state's version of TIGER listed in the "Details by state" section of the TIGER for
Woodlands and Compartments portion of this web site applies to the Estimating Basis
program.  To see that,
click here.
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