Services We Provide
The primary service we provide is the development and sale of the TIGER  programs
(Woodlands and Compartments, Estimating Basis, and Stratified Sampling).  The manuals
that accompany the programs contain considerable information about the operation of the
programs, depending upon the program you are using.  We provide support for questions
not covered by the manuals and for areas in the manuals that are not clear to you.  Use the
'Contact us' page to send us your questions or email to

If you use a board foot volume table that is not included in TIGER, you can enter the table
into TIGER for Woodlands and Compartments, and it will saved in a file containing the table
that you can use at any time, and it can be used in TIGER for Stratified Sampling and TIGER
for Estimating Basis.  If you do not want to enter the table, we, for a fee, can enter it into a
file and send it to you.

As mentioned elsewhere, TIGER programs have been developed with growth models for
what are referred to as the Lake States (MI, MN, and WI), the Central States (IA, IL, IN, MO),
the Northeast (CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, WV, WI) by the US
Forest Service.  We have plans to do additional states.  If you are interested in having a
version of TIGER for a particular state, let us know and we will contact you about that.
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