There are many levels of complexity to forest inventory -- from the US Forest Service
estimating the condition of the forests of the United States to measuring a few logs.

TIGER for Woodlands and Compartments (TIGER WC) was developed to analyze
data for small inventories on areas from about 1 to 100 acres in size.  TIGER WC can
be used to estimate the timber volume and value of the woodland as it is or as if it
had been thinned (had trees removed).   It will also simulate the growth of the
forest (thinned or not) for 20 years and use those values to estimate the volume
and value of the forest in the future.

A reasonably capable individual with an interest in doing forest inventory can study
how to do an inventory in books and at web sites dealing with forestry and obtain a
good understanding of how an inventory is done
.  The manual that accompanies the
TIGER WC program has a 12 page section on the basics of doing an inventory and lists
some web sites that can be useful for learning about forest inventory.  To download a copy
of the section of the manual dealing with how to do an inventory,
click here.

Forest inventory is taught at some forestry field days that conducted in many states.  Most
foresters and forest consultants get hands on experience under the supervision of
professional foresters while they learn how to do forest inventory.  
We strongly believe
that anyone who wants to do a forest inventory should have some hands on
training with a professional forester

We encourage anyone who wants to do a forest inventory, but is not a trained forester, to
seek some professional training before doing an inventory.  This could be done by forestry
consultants, extension foresters, or state and district foresters.  Groups of individuals
interested in using TIGER WC could ask state foresters to put on field days about inventory
or contact a forestry consultant for help.
Me do an inventory?
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