Suggested reading materials on how to do woodland management

A very good book on woodland management is “Woodland Stewardship: a Practical Guide
for Midwestern Landowners” (2009) by Melvin Baughman and many others. ($16 from the
University of Minnesota extension service.)

Another good book is The Woodland Steward: A Practical Guide to the Management of
Small Private Forests by James Fazio. ($17 from Woodland Enterprises.)

There are many good extension publications on woodland management.  Go to the forestry
web site for your state and see what they have available.  When in doubt, contact the
extension forester.

List of state level resources and contacts

Many states for which TIGER programs have been developed have a program, often called
Woodland Steward or Woodland Manager, that is directed at helping woodland owners learn
about managing woodlands in their state.  These programs should be excellent opportunities
to learn about forest management and give you a place to ask questions.  Additionally, all
states have forestry extension offices and a woodland owners association, and all of their
web sites should be good sources of information.  Additionally, each state has a department
of natural resources or conservation with a forestry or forest resource division within it and
their web sites are also listed.

If you would like to see a list of sources of information woodland management and resources
available in your state, click the 2 letter abbreviation for your state:
(CT), (DE), (IA), (IL), (IN), (MA), (MD), (ME), (MI), (MN), (MO)
(NH), (NJ), (NY), (OH), (PA), (RI), (WV), (VT), (WI)

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