For woodland owners with an interest
in managing their woodlands
Once you finish measuring the trees, what do you have?  You have the information
(measurements) needed to estimate characteristics of your woodland, such as board foot
volume per acre, that are used to decide how to manage your woodland.  Converting tree
measurements into woodland characteristics is relatively straight-forward but is very tedious,
involves considerable detail, and is error prone.  

This is where TIGER for Woodlands and Compartments comes in.  It is an
easy-to-use computer program that will estimate the information you need to
decide what to do
volume per acre of each product you measured (pulp, sawtimber, and
veneer).  TIGER will display the distribution of the diameters of the trees which is also useful
when deciding which management actions might be desirable.  It will also display what are
called stocking guides which are used to decide how crowded the forest is and whether a thin
is necessary.  You can do all of this and more easily with TIGER for Woodlands and
Compartments.  The program also can be used to assess tornado and storm damage and
timber trespass.

So where do you get training to do an inventory and help in deciding how to
interpret your inventory?
 From a trained forester and by reading.  Every state has
extension foresters and state foresters that might be able to help you.  If enough people are
interested, they can organize training sessions.  Many states have a program similar to the
Master Gardener program that trains residents how to manage their woodlands.  You can
contact state or county extension agents to learn about what is available.  They are often
very valuable for the individuals who wants to get involved in managing their woodlands.
Forest consultants could also do the training, and we are trying to find some who would be
willing to conduct training sessions.  

There are many sources of information that you can read that discuss aspects of woodland
management and inventory, and we recommend that you read some of them.  On the
following pages are suggestions for where you might start looking for information about
inventory, woodland management, and resources available in your state. There are many
more that you can find with a web search.

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