About CWM Software
About Us
CWM Software, LLC is a software company started by Dr. Carl Mize.  About 40 years ago
Dr. Mize worked with two colleagues at Iowa State University, Dr. Joe Colletti, a forest
economist, and Dr. Steve Jungst, a forest biometrician, to develop Iowa TIGER, the first
TIGER program, as a teaching tool and for use by forest consultants and woodlot owners.  
In 2002 Dick Hall, a woodlot owner in Wisconsin with a strong interest in woodlot
management, suggested developing a version of TIGER for Wisconsin.  Dr. Mize, as an
individual, obtained a copy of Iowa TIGER, began to develop Wisconsin TIGER, and started
CWM Software.

goal of CWM Software is to develop easy-to-use tools (the TIGER programs) that can
be used by woodland owners, foresters, and other interested individuals to help make
decisions about how to manage a woodland to meet an owner's objectives and to develop a
teaching tool that can be used by forestry professors in classes on forest measurements,
management, and economics.


CWM Software is best described as a father-son operation in that Dr. Mize directs the
company and does all of the computer programming, and his oldest son, Jeremy Mize,
handles the business end of the company.  

Dr. Mize was a professor in the Forestry Department at Iowa State University for 30 years.  
At Iowa State he taught courses in forest measurements, forest growth and yield, and other
topics, and he did research in quantitative aspects of forestry.  He started computer
programming 40 years ago and has worked on various computer systems and developed a
variety of computer programs.  He retired in 2007 and is living in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
with his wife, who is a professor of forest ecology at the University of Veracruz.

Jeremy Mize is a graduate of Iowa State University and is presently a high school science
teacher living near Iowa City, Iowa with his three children.